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Yahoo ! News about Caregiver Services...

Yahoo! News about Caregiver Services tonight...

The Miami Herald article about CSHI

Cincinnati featured Caregiver Services

Cincinnati featured Caregiver Services

San Francisco Chronicle featured CSHI

Minnesota Public Radio MPR News featured CS:

Minnesota Public Radio MPR News featured CS:

Monday, October 29, 2012

CBS5 News Channel talks about Caregiver Services

CBS5 News Channel talks about Caregiver Services

KFMB 760 AM Talk Radio of San Diego CA talks about Caregiver Services

KFMB 760 AM Talk Radio of San Diego CA talks about Caregiver Services

San Francisco Chronicle article about Caregiver Services

Fox 14 TV featured Caregiver Services

Friday, October 26, 2012

'Caregiver University' and CS 'Circle of Care' successfully providing senior care training and in-home care solution

Newly Launched "Caregiver University" and Caregiver Services “Circle of Care” Successfully Providing Senior Care Training and In-Home Care Solution in S. California

Caregiver Services and Homecare Inc. (CS) Los Angeles California launched this year its in-house "Caregiver University" to provide training, orientation and screening of all Certified Nurse Assistants (CNA), Home Health Aides (HHA) and Caregiver trainees. Training classes have produced conclusive results where participants were indoctrinated with company's Service Philosophy, Vision, Mission, Core Values, standard on Character and Competence, Effective Communication to people with dementia and Alzheimer's disease, CPR and First aid, checking of vital signs, S.T.A.R. philosophy concept and implementation of 'Plan of Care' needed to complete excellent senior care incorporated in CS "Circle of Care'. CS 'Circle of Care' guarantees continuum of care and several outstanding benefits to clients, family members and retirement facilities: 'Peace of mind' once they signed up and start with the service, substantial monthly savings on service rates (ranging from $500 -$1,500 savings) as compared to other companies and still maintain quality and better service, preserving client's dignity even with their health limitations, respect and understanding of their individuality thereby promoting well-being and better living condition, helping seniors live longer and live better, easier lifestyle with total or minimal assistance in Activities of Daily Living (ADL), safety from risk of fall, readily available health information about their family members day-to-day living and progress, high standard of service rendered and immediate staffing solution as guaranteed by Human Resource and Staffing department of CS.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

CSHI 'Continuing Health Education' Program

RLC shares part of his lecture at Malibu CA, with topic on "The Power of Health & Wealth" under the company's 'Continuing Health Education' program.

"Boomers are the 77 million Americans born from 1946 through 1964. Beginning January 1, 20
11, there are 10,000 Americans a day that will turn 65 years old and this will continue for 19 straight years.

Five million Americans are now diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Estimates for medical care expenditures for Alzheimer's this year will be $200 billion. In year 2050, 1 out of 2 seniors age 85 years old will have Alzheimer's disease. By 2050, it is estimated that up to16 million Americans will have it. Someone develops Alzheimer's in America every 68 seconds now; by mid-century, it will be every 33 seconds, according to Alzheimer's Association.

Healthcare use and trends:

Among people 65 and older, only about 5% managed to get through the year without seeing a doctor.

5 leading causes of death:
Heart disease (28%)
Respiratory disease (7%)
Strokes & other blood-vessel issues in the brain (6%)
Alzheimer's disease (5%) - expected to top this list in the next yrs.

As of 2010, the most recent data year, 59% of people 65 and older said they had to limit their activities in some way because of health problem.

In the book, "Cruise Ship or Nursing Home" by Dr. Lerner et al..., it tackles the 5 Essentials of a Maximized Living.
Essential #1 - Maximized Mind
             #2 - Maximized Nerve Supply
             #3 - Maximized Quality Nutrition
             #4 - Maximized Oxygen & Lean Muscle
             #5 - Minimized Toxins

This book articulates a staggering 98% of all diseases (as I presented earlier) is all due in part to 'lifestyle' - not genetics. That means that every day we are making a decision whether we will end up in a nursing home or establish our health now and finish our days vital and vibrant, on a cruise ship.

For seniors who have health limitations,below are the staggering data & statistics of what it takes to get help from healthcare facility, family members and health professionals. The number of people eligible for healthcare will nearly double from 46 million to 80 million by the time 'boomers' reach 65. It's estimated the cost will grow from $500 billion a year today to $929 billion by 2030.

There are more than 65 million family caregivers - average 20 hours a week. The value of services family caregivers provide for free when caring for elders is estimated to be $375 billion a year, twice as much spent on homecare & nursing home services combined ($158 B).

As a Homecare and healthcare solution, Caregiver Services & Homecare Inc. attains its Mission and Service Philosophy for all senior clients by:

- Respecting & understanding their individuality
- Helping provide best quality of life
- Preserving dignity
- Offering excellence in care & services
- Encouraging independence
- helping seniors 'live longer & live better'

For home care and healthcare solutions:

Why hire a caregiver directly and get all the problems of checking reference and criminal background yourself, compute deductions for state & federal taxes, look for a reliever when your caregiver does not show up, handle their workers compensation & run the risk of getting sued if they hurt themselves, interview 5-10 applicants & check their employment background, handle caregivers by yourself without any help…?

Or just hire Caregiver Services & Homecare Inc. ( and get all the benefit of hiring a professional caregiver service and still spend almost the same budget every month & save a lot of money & time on a long term. Have ‘Peace of Mind’, get all the benefits of why seniors choose In-home care, call 805-338-8100 / 310-779-6254 / 562-412-2420 / 213-351-9100 and have the best caregivers take care of your family member with proven success record in the senior community for more than 10 years.

Caregiver Services & Homecare, Inc, Caregiver Services in Los Angeles
Caregiver Services & Homecare, Inc, Caregiver Services in Los Angeles, Orange County & Ventura County.

Monday, October 8, 2012

CSHI 'Continuing Professional Education' Program

CSHI 'Continuing Professional Education' program encourage staff to implement their own Personal Development plan. A simpler way to execute this is to follow the learning module by Jim Rohn.

Personal Development – The Plan by Jim Rohn

Now, here is my definition of success: A few simple Disciplines practiced every day. Do you see the distinction? A few disciplines... Here's a little phrase we've all heard, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." And my question to you is, "What if that's true?" How simple and easy is that plan?

The fact is, when you look at successful people, you will almost always discover a plan behind their success. They know what they want, they work out a plan that will get them where they want to go, and they work their plan. It is the foundation for success. We as humans have the unique ability to affect change in our lives; it is through our own conscious choice when we engage in the miracle process of personal development that we are able to transform our nature and our lives.

It is the combination of the materials and your open attitude towards learning, driven by the diligent following of a plan that is right for you, that will make this year the kind of success you want it to be. So let me challenge you to be no less sincere, be no less committed to the advancement of your philosophy, the set of your sail, your plan.

So, what are some good ideas on developing a plan that will work well and take you to the finish line powerfully and in style? Here are some major points to keep in mind:

Develop the Plan for You. Some people are very detail oriented and they will be able to follow an intricate plan closely. Others are a little more "free-wheeling" and not really "detail" people. That is okay too. In all the years of my speaking to audiences worldwide, people have asked the question, "What plan is the right plan?" And my answer, the plan that fits you. Your plan, the one you develop that is unique to you and for you. You see, each of us is unique and motivated by different factors and you've got to develop one that is right for you and fits you. Some plans will not be as intricate as others but we all must have a plan, along with goals in that plan, to move us along the program. If you are a free spirit type, don't tell yourself you are going to spend 2 hours a day with a book and tapes and journal. It probably won't happen and you will get discouraged! Whatever your personality, your strengths and your weaknesses, develop the plan around them! This is not a one-plan-fits-all proposition.

Establish Times to Spend Working on the Material. It may be every Sunday night. It may be 20 minutes each morning. It may be in the car listening to the CD's every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Whatever it is, set the times and do it. In your step-by-step plan, put down points that you can accomplish every week. They should be specific and achievable. Develop the discipline and take those steps every day, which will move you closer to your goals and where you want to be.

Keep a Journal. Take notes. It may be on paper, it may be on a micro-recorder. Mr. Schoaff taught me not to trust my memory, but to write it down, to find one place to gather the information that affects change. And that advice has served me well all these years. Record the ideas and inspiration that will carry you from where you are to where you want to be. Take notes on the ideas that impact you most. Put down your thoughts and ideas. Brainstorm with yourself on where you are going and what you want to do. Record your dreams and ambitions. Your journals are a gathering place for all the valuable information that you will find. If you are serious about becoming wealthy, powerful, sophisticated, healthy, influential, cultured, unique, if you come across something important write it down. Two people will listen to the same material and different ideas will come to each one. Use the information you gather and record it for further reflection, for future debate and for weighing the value that it is to you.

Reflect. Create time for reflection -- a time to go back over, to study again the things you've learned and the things you've done each day. I call it "running the tapes again" so that the day locks firmly in your memory so that it serves as a tool. As you go through the material in this plan, you will want to spend time reflecting on its significance for you. Regularly set aside time - here are some good guidelines for times to reflect: At the end of the day. Take a few minutes at the end of each day and go back over the day - who'd you talk to, who'd you see, what did they say, what happened and how'd you feel, what went on. A day is the piece of the mosaic of your life. Next, take a few hours at the end of the week to reflect on the week's activities - I would suggest at least one half-hour. Also during that weekly time, take a few minutes to reflect on how this material should be applied to your life and circumstances. Take a half day at the end of the month and a weekend at the end of the year so that you've got it so that it never disappears, to ensure that the past is even more valuable and will serve your future well.

Set Goals. While we are going to cover this soon enough in upcoming weeks, let's just remember that your plan is the roadmap for how you are going to get to your goals, so you have to have them. Of all the things that changed my life for the better (and most quickly), it was learning how to set goals. Mastering this unique process can have a powerful effect on your life too. I remember shortly after I met Mr. Shoaff, he asked me if I had a list of my goals, and of course I didn't. He suggested to me that because I lacked a set of clearly defined goals that he could guess my bank balance within a few hundred dollars... and he did! Well, Mr. Shoaff immediately began helping me define my view of the future, my dreams. He taught me to set goals because it is the greatest influence on a person's future and the greatest force that will pull a person in the direction that they want to go. But the future must be planned, well designed to exert a force that pulls you towards the promise of what can be.

Act. Act on your plan. What separates the successful from the unsuccessful so many times is that the successful simply do it. They take action, they aren't necessarily smarter than others; they just work the plan. And the time to act is when the emotion is strong. Because if you don't, here's what happens - it's called the law of diminishing intent. We intend to act when the idea strikes us, when the emotion is high, but if we delay and we don't translate that into action fairly soon, the intention starts to diminish, diminish and a month from now it’s cold and a year from now it can't be found. So set up the discipline when the idea is strong, clear and powerful - that's the time to work the plan. Otherwise the emotion is wasted unless you capture the emotion and put it into disciplined activities and translate it into equity. And here's what is interesting: all disciplines affect each other; everything affects everything. That's why the smallest action is important -- because the value and benefits that you receive from that one little action will inspire you to do the next one and the next one... So step out and take action on your plan because if the plan is good, then the results can be miraculous.

We are at the beginning of a fantastic journey that is going to help us become all that we want to - so let's get going!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Caregiver Services significant meaning and purpose

Caregiver  Services  stands  for  our employees who are:














V IBRANT                             






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Caregiver Services & Senior Care Living, maximizing help to seniors.

Caregiver Services & Senior Care Living, a strong commitment to provide seniors In-Home care services, referral to senior retirement facilities free of service, free assistance to which Skilled Nursing facility that best fit the patient, wh
ich Homehealth agency that can help most, what hospice care is needed and free evaluation and consultation of 'Plan of Care' needed by seniors experiencing some health limitations. Call hotline #213-351-9100 or visit to experience the help that you needed most.

Caregiver Services featured at Thousand Oaks CA

Caregiver Services featured at Thousand Oaks CA