Friday, July 6, 2012

How to Hire a Caregiver for an Elderly Parent...

How to Hire a Caregiver for an Elderly Parent...

As your parents age, they may need some assistance with personal care or household chores. If you are trying to balance a job and other family responsibilities, You may need assistance taking care of an elderly parent. Hiring someone to come into the house/home and be a caregiver is one option.


• Determine what your parent’s needs are. Some elderly people may need help with cooking meals, doing errands or other housework. Be clear on your expectations of a caregiver before you hire one.• Consider gender. If your elderly parent is modest and personal care duties are needed, consider hiring the same gender as your parent. This will make your parent feel more comfortable.

• Contact Home Care Agencies which will provide caregivers. Keep in mind that hiring a caregiver through an agency will have more advantages over hiring a caregiver yourself. Caregivers from an agency are usually pre-screened, have a criminal background checked and are bonded.

• Interview the potential caregiver with you parent present. Depending on your parent’s medical condition, she may be able to participate in the interview. Encourage your parent to ask questions.

• Look for specific qualifications as needed. For example, if lifting will be part of the duties. If your parent has Dementia, Alzheimer etc., look for a caregiver who has the knowledge and experience with this case.

Ask for CPR and first aid certifications.

• Check references. Ask each potential caregiver for at least 2 references.

• Pay competitive rates. Once you found a caregiver who is dependable, caring and your parent wants, do your best to keep him/her. Determine going rates for caregivers for the elderly in your area.

Consider paying a bit more. Let your caregiver know that his / her work is appreciated.


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