Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Why Seniors Choose In-Home Care

Why Seniors Choose In-Home Care (Los Angeles, Orange County & Ventura County)  by RLC
  • Have the luxury of staying home even with health limitations
  • Peace of mind knowing a home healthcare staff always by your side
  • Comfortable, peaceful and familiar surroundings
  • Respecting and understanding individuality
  • Quiet time when you want it not having any other stranger senior around
  • Sense of personal independence  
  • Instill discipline in doing physical and mental exercises advocated by the caregiver
  • The joy of personal companionship and recreational activities
  • Convenience, ready assistance and ease of daily life
  • Feeling of self-worth, preserve dignity and importance
  • Avoiding fall that are usually fatal
  • Reliable assistance in daily routine activities
  • Respite or relief for family caring for the senior
  • Live a better quality of life, ‘live longer and better’
The Main Features of In-Home Care:
  • Assistance in Activities of Daily Living (ADL)
  • Remain living in one's own home (a goal most seniors wanted)
  • Personal care services, such as bathing, grooming, incontinence care and dressing
  • Help in household chores, such as cleaning, laundry and changing of bedding
  • Transferring and positioning, bed to wheelchair
  • Preparation and cooking of meals
  • Errand running, such as grocery shopping and medication pick-up
  • Regular conversation and companionship
  • Driving to doctor’s appointment and other medical procedure or laboratory schedule
  • Quick response to homecare & healthcare needs
  • Immediate assistance when needed even on evenings and weekends
Why hire a caregiver directly and get all the problems of checking reference and criminal background yourself, compute deductions for state & federal taxes, look for a reliever when your caregiver does not show up, handle their workers compensation & run the risk of getting sued if they hurt themselves, interview 5-10 applicants & check their employment background, handle caregivers by yourself without any help…?
Or just hire Caregiver Services & Homecare Inc. ( and get all the benefit of hiring a professional caregiver service and still spend almost the same budget every month & save a lot of money & time on a long term. Have ‘Peace of Mind’, get all the benefits of why seniors choose In-home care, call 805-338-8100 / 310-779-6254 / 562-412-2420 / 213-351-9100 and have the best caregivers take care of your family member with proven success record in the senior community for more than 10 years.


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  1. Most seniors like in home care because with this type of long term care for seniors can receive care and stay with their spouses who do not need care. They are also allowed to move freely and choose their schedules which is more comfortable to them.